Відгуки Топ-менеджерів готелів Європи та Америки

When you compare two hotels in the same city on any travel website and they’re both priced the same per night but one displays photos, virtual tours and videos (that effectively inspire and tell that hotel’s story) and the other only displays photos, which hotel is more appealing to you? Research proves it is the hotel using video marketing with virtual tours and videos.

A study we conducted with a major North American hotel chain tracked the behavior of one million online travel shoppers. The study found that:

– Online shoppers viewing virtual tours are 67% more likely to book,

– Online shoppers viewing virtual tours and videos are 115% more likely to book.

Прочитайте деякі відгуки топ-менеджерів готелів зі всього світу, які вже скористалися послугами VFM Leonardo та отримали досвід використання віртуальних 3D турів

“Media, Media, Media…Visuals SELL hotel rooms… show them off! E-Brochures are GREAT selling tools that let you show off your hotel with professional still shots, 360 virtual tours and HD videos.”
David Attardi, Director of E-Commerce
B.F. Saul – Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner

“We have seen a dramatic impact through adding our Virtual Tours to VFM Leonardo’s distribution network! Our Rich Media shows a true sense of our property at every angle and every aspect. It seals the deal for our guests, especially when they can’t do a ‘physical site’ first! People love virtual tours and are coming to expect them! I believe that drives more business back to our brand site. Those who are not utilizing VFM Leonardo’s services are perhaps disappointing their potential clientele!”
Ronni Anderson, Director of Sales
Embassy Suites Nashville Airport

“BPR Properties has been in the hospitality business for the last 30 years and we have grown our hotel portfolio to 10 properties in Northern California. When we first contracted VFM to create and distribute virtual tours for 1 of our hotels, we believed it would be a good marketing tool. We have now rolled it out for 7 more of our properties, so I guess you could say we know it is the value-added marketing tool for our business! And, as we grow our portfolio of hotels, we will continue to choose a VFM solution each and every time.”
Perry Patel, President
BPR Properties

“The VBrochure Ultra Premium Multimedia Viewer has significantly improved the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s online presence by displaying virtual tours, photos, video and written descriptions in an easily navigable format on thousands of sites. It’s such a cost effective and powerful hotel marketing tool that we are adopting it for additional properties!”
Melissa Bruckler, Hospitality E-Commerce Consultant
Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood

“We’re excited about our new VBrochure Ultra Premium viewer because it makes it easy for travel shoppers to explore our hotel on hundreds of travel sites. The new viewer even gives them the option to view our virtual tours and video in full screen so that they can really get a sense of what we offer!”
Stéfanie Beaudin, Marketing and E-Commerce
Best Western City Centre / Centre-Ville, Quebec City

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